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The Value of Engaged Employees

Whether it's your sales reps on the showroom floor, or your mechanic explaining to a customer how a repair was done, what happens behind the scenes is how they deal with your precious customers. If they're disengaged and uncommunicative behind closed doors, customers pick up on it. Sales are lost. Customers are lost. 

If you've ever managed a group of employees who have "thrown in the towel", you know how productivity suffers. There are lots of reasons why employees become disengaged, but it mostly boils down to two things:

  1. They are unsure of what's expected of them, and
  2. They don't feel valued.

Communication -- the right communication -- addresses both issues. 

Communication means every employee knows what the "Big Picture" is. They don't have to fill in the blanks, or guess what's expected of them. All employees are aligned to the organization's objectives. And as an auto dealership, you probably know how important alignment is.