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People Driven Performance and client Jones Metal are highlighted in the September issue of The Fabricator

  • Jones Journal - People Driven Performance kiosk

Excerpt: "These days custom fabrication operations create an amazing amount of data, often presented so employees know how well they’re doing and where they need to be. Displaying comprehensive and (especially) up-to-date metrics is a sign that a shop is really on top of things.

You see those up-to-date metrics at Jones Metal, a custom sheet metal fabricator in Mankato, Minn., southwest of Minneapolis, but much of it isn’t presented in the typical way. On the floor, in the break room, and in the front office, you find touchscreen kiosks where employees can read the latest edition of the Jones Journal, an employee digital newspaper of sorts, stored and accessed through the company’s intranet. Here’s the kicker: People actually read it."

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