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PDP is featured in F & I and Showroom 2016 NADA issue!

  • PDP is featured in  F & I and Showroom 2016 NADA issue!

"At the Proctor dealership group in Tallahassee, Florida, information-sharing has taken on a whole new look. Executive Director of Operations Pamela Grimes and her leadership team collaborated with Mankato, Minnesota -based PDP Auto, a division of PDP Solutions, to adopt a communication platform that allows employees at three separate locations to access important dealership information with a click of their mouse or with a swipe of their handheld device or strategically placed kiosk.

“With the speed of business today, delivering key information to employees in a timely manner is critical for keeping them in touch with and supportive of our business goals,” Grimes notes.

Gone are the days when workplace updates were typed into a monthly employee newsletter and stuffed in an en- velope with their paychecks. You can keep staff members apprised of goals, customer satisfaction information and store news on a daily basis."

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