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Dealership Communication + PDP Platform = Top Workplace

Communication is to an organization what blood is to the body. Without it, you have a structure, but certainly no life or growth.

During my tenure in the automotive industry, having consulted with over 400 dealerships in a 20-year span, the key to destroying departmental silos and establishing cross-functional continuous improvement teams relied heavily upon employing an effective communication platform.

Moreover, dealership communication has to be a two-way street. The old top-down “listen to what I have to say because I know what’s good for you” approach doesn’t cut it in today’s workplace where employers face the challenge of communicating effectively with a multi-generational audience.

At the Dimmitt Automotive Group, we were excited to employ the contemporary communication platform developed by Minnesota-based PDP Solutions.

Now, our associates have timely information available at their fingertips whenever and wherever they choose to receive it --- at work, at home, or sitting in our lunchroom on their smartphone. And the method for obtaining and transmitting strategic as well as entertaining dealership news, goals, and events relies upon involving our people in the process.

The results of engaging an effective communication tool for our dealerships has been evident in the recognition we receive on an ongoing basis from the manufacturers that we represent as well as being named by Workplace Dynamics and the Tampa Bay Times newspaper as a Top Workplace in consecutive years.

Our formula is simple but powerful: Dealership Communication + PDP Platform= Top Workplace.

Tom McQueen -Brand Development Executive, Dimmitt Automotive Group