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Why You Should Care About Employee Experience

  • Why You Should Care About Employee Experience

In our world of changing workforces, Melissa Suzuno makes the case for why you shoud care about employee experience. We've shared an excerpt from her post on greenhouse blog.


"Clearly there are some major changes in the workforce, both in terms of what employers are providing and what employees and candidates expect. In fact, Harvard Business Review traces a major shift over the past few years from an employer-driven job market to a candidate-driven one. In the first half of 2012, 46% of recruiters characterized the market as employer-driven, but that number dropped to a tiny 10% by the first half of 2015.

These changes in the market mean that employers need to update their HR practices in order to keep up and stay competitive.

It’s no longer enough to simply find employees to fill open positions at your organization, hire them, and expect them to flourish. Instead of this transactional approach to the employee lifecycle, leading employers are beginning to take a more holistic view"

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