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When Internal Dealership Communication Needs Help

  • When Internal Dealership Communication Needs Help

When Internal Communication needs a boost, a 21st century method of communication can be the answer

We recently finished a great video about the PDP solution. It was shot entirely on site at a client's location. All of the people in the production are actual clients of ours – not paid actors! It is so much fun to see how everyone expressed enthusiasm for improved employee communication.

One of the comments in the video is that “PDP opened a new line of communication.”  On face value, that does seem lofty, but as I reflect on the statement, I know it to be entirely true.

When Internal Dealership Communication Needs HelpInternal Communication isn't complete until the transmission is received, understood, and acted upon. For instance, I watched an introductory video today about the online collaboration tool Microsoft SharePoint™.  Not to be critical of Microsoft, but what they are offering with their software is a way to "share comments without saying them". Users are simply writing things down and routing them using a tool. There's no new content being generated that is not already passing through the organization via another medium, such as email, word-of-mouth, or in some written form.

As I absorbed the SharePoint demonstration, it made me think again about how our own client described the PDP solution: a new line of communication.

At the Dimmitt Automotive Group in Clearwater, Florida, for example, what PDP allows their leadership team to do is to open a new line of communication to deliver the company's message, its strategy, its  successes, challenges, areas in need of focus, performance metrics and most importantly, its people! Every week. Every day! Every hour!

PDP also provides a way to include employees in what the company is communicating. It makes them a part of the team that identifies what the hot topics are. That is a powerful combination.

Michelle Adkins, Editor-in-Chief of the Dimmitt Voice happily reports that  “Our associates have embraced PDP’s communication platform as a hub for connecting not only with important dealership information, but with one another as well. It has truly energized our workforce.”

Finally, PDP’s impact is quantifiable. Tracking the 'reads' — that is, how many people actually read the communication — each week gives Dimmitt’s ownership a barometer to measure how messages are resonating or getting across, and which are being ignored. That too is powerful.  

PDP does open a new line of communication and creates high performance work teams. Want to learn how it can help your dealership? Call us.


Tom McQueen is PDP's automotive industry expert and has consulted with over 400 dealerships on performance improvement and employee engagement.

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