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What are the Deadly Sins of Employee Communication?

  • What are the Deadly Sins of Employee Communication?

Communication is paramount in shaping a healthy business. If your communication is lacking, your business profits, productivity, and employee engagment will all suffer. Here's an exerpt from an excellent Inc. Magazine article by Sujan Patel:

"For modern businesses, employee engagement is key.

High engagement leads to reduced turnover, improved productivity and increased profitability. However, the latest research from Gallup shows that less than 30 percent of employees are engaged at work. Management is one of the top reasons cited for lack of engagement in the workplace, accounting for 70 percent of the variance between high and low engagement scores.

Of the factors that contribute to manager-led engagement, communication tops the list. If you can't communicate effectively with your employees, you can say goodbye to engagement, productivity and retention."

And then Patel asks this important last question, "Are you making any of the following deadly communication sins? Be honest — and then take action to be better."

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