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Tom's latest article - "Your Customer Experience Sucks!"

  • Tom's latest article -  "Your Customer Experience Sucks!"

Some great insights from Tom McQueen on how to improve your "customer experience" and to turn new customers into loyal customers. There's a lot to be said about improving your customer's experience in dealings with your dealership, and you have everything to gain by doing so.


"Simply stated, “customer experience” refers to your customers’ perceptions of how you treat them when they interact with you in any forum. And those perceptions impact the way they behave, establishing a reservoir of impressions, memories, and feelings that influence their brand loyalty.

Folks, this isn’t rocket science. If customers like you, they’re going to continue to do business with you. However, it is incumbent upon your organization to create and deliver personalized experiences that will merit their loyalty. Unfortunately, most dealers continue to opt for quick and easy sales and marketing gimmicks that make them look foolish in the eyes of an increasingly discriminating market.

Where to begin? Start by listening...  "


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