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Tip #6 - Driving Results Through Communication

  • Tip #6  Driving Results Through Communication

"So you’re the Dealer Principal contestant on the television show, Are you smarter than a 5th Grader. And host Jeff Foxworthy presents you with this final sixth grade question for one million dollars: Name the most important tool that dealerships can use in the 21st century to achieve a sustainable advantage in their marketplace. What would your answer be? If it isn’t COMMUNICATION, then you have to look into the television camera and say, “I may be a Dealer Principal, but I’m definitely not smarter than a 5th grader.”

This is a excerpt from the article “D” is for DISMAL by Pamela Devillon, Freelance journalist. To read the entire article click here.  


PDPAuto TIPS - In order to avoid a DISMAL culture with no meaningful levels of communication or engagement, so far we have shared:

PDPAuto Tip #6

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TIP #3: Remember The Golden Rule Begins with a verb

TIP #4: Don't Let Distractions Destroy Communication

TIP#5: Sheep Don't Innovate


Here is TIP#6

Find Me A Leader

Of the many requests I receive for help from business owners throughout the country, one plea stands out above all the rest --- Find Me A Leader!


Unfortunately, the heart of that request lies in their desire to recruit an individual with the requisite management and leadership skills to move their company forward in a competitive marketplace.


And while I agree to help them find an effective leader, I do it with a caveat. The leader that I help them find has to be exceptional at developing other leaders within the company, embracing the reality that leadership is a shared talent.


One of the reasons DISMAL happens in any company is that a pompous, autocratic, narcissist assumes that he or she is the reason for all corporate achievement. C’mon ---it’s the 21st century. We all know better, don’t we?


Click here to check out this article The Emotional Intelligence Competencies of an Effective Leader.


Stay Tuned for Tip #7 - arriving on 10/11/16!