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Engaged Employees: Your Dealership's Ambassadors to the Marketplace

  • Engaged Employees: Your Dealership's Ambassadors to the Marketplace

It is said that there are no secrets in a small dealership. There are few secrets that can remain locked up inside any dealership, particularly one relating to how engaged your employees are. When your organization is experiencing a high level of employee engagement, your customers will know all about it, perhaps even before you do.

Employee referrals

An engaged employee will tell the world about the great place they work every day.

The effects are far-reaching.

Just as referrals in sales and marketing are as good as gold, referrals in the job world are equally valuable. When my trusted friend tells me how great it is to work at her dealership, I am far more likely to pursue a career there. Even more important, when an existing employee holds his place of employment in high esteem — as engaged employees do — they will only introduce those outsiders who they know will measure up. The employer gets a trusted source or high quality leads.

A good word to the market

When a dealership is filled with actively disengaged employees, the "bad word" gets out, despite the executive team's every effort to hide the problem. Conversely, engaged employees are pretty obvious to outsiders, too, and it's always a sign of a well-run company. If it's a well-run organization, then likely it will also have quality products and services.
From my vantage point having called upon more than 400 dealerships, it’s become apparent to me that a younger generation seems more ready to step into the fully engaged zone. They are less likely to have been let down in the past — simply because they have not been around as long — and so will give an employer the benefit of the doubt. When you empower them with what they need and include them in the decision-making, they will be the best ambassadors to the outside world you will ever have.

Publications like Forbes and Fortune publish yearly, thoroughly researched reports on the best places to work. They don't do it so much for the benefit of the employees' reading pleasure, but to announce to the world which companies have their internal act together. It is perhaps too obvious to state, but the companies on the top of the best places to work are the same companies who produce outstanding value to their clients and customers.

Look on your employees as a kind of "health measure" of your dealership. The more engaged they are, the better your dealership will do. It's the truth spoken plainly.

At PDPAuto, we help dealerships every day keep their employees at a high level of engagement. It begins with an employee communication system that both empowers and includes your employees to be the very best they can be. They will thank you for it by delivering far better customer service, product and service delivery, and higher quality in everything they touch, including in communications with you.

Tom McQueen is PDP's automotive industry expert and has consulted with over 400 dealerships on performance improvement and employee engagement.

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