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Employee Experience or Employee Engagement?

  • Employee Experience or Employee Engagement?

Employee Engagement has been a mainstay in business buzz throughout the years - of course it is important to an organization that employees are engaged in their job, the company culture, and the the company mission. There has also been a recent buzz around Customer Experience - another important business consideration to focus on and improve upon.

The newest buzz in the business world surrounds Employee Experience. Ryan Scott makes that case for why Employee Experience should be treated as every bit as importanct as Customer Experience. Here are a couple excerpts from his  Employee Engagement Vs. Employee Experience, published last month in Forbes:


"So what is the employee experience? DecisionWise defines it as the sum of the various perceptions employees have about their interactions with the organization in which they work. EX is the totality of an employee’s experiences, so it encompasses all of the narrower aspects of how an employee perceives his everyday life at the office, both good and bad."

"The employee experience may be broad in scope, but it starts by optimizing every touchpoint that an employee comes in contact with, to create an integrated experience that feels holistic throughout every stage. Improving the landscape for employees comes from treating them as you would your customers, so consider the attention you put into the customer experience and replicate that effort with EX."


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