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Drive Results Through 10 Practical Employee Engagement Steps

  • Drive Results Through 10 Practical Employee Engagement Steps

Bob Kelleher, author of LOUDER THAN WORDS: 10 Practical Employee Engagement Steps That Drive Results, offers 10 steps to drive results within your roganization. We've shared the first 4 with you below.

At People Driven Performance, we especially take note number 4.


1. Link your engagement efforts to high performance: Employee engagement is not about employee satisfaction. The last thing you should want is a team of satisfied but underperforming employees.

2. Employee engagement starts at the top: Most studies show that a key employee engagement driver is the actions of senior leaders. Leaders must demonstrate support for an engaged company culture by personally living their company’s values. 

3. Engage first-line leaders: The old adage, “employees join great companies, but quit bad bosses” is true.

4. Focus on communication, the cornerstone of engagement: Successful leaders recognize the power of a robust communication plan, one built on clarity, consistency, and transparency.


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