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The Cold Hard Facts about Employee Engagement

  •  The Cold Hard Facts about  Employee Engagement

Everyone knows that engaging your employees can create a more positive work environment, increased profits and a happier workforce. But what are the true facts about employee engagement?


Sarah K. White discusses this subject in her article, “5 Hard Truths about Employee Engagement.” Sarah White is a senior writer for, who writes about IT, healthcare careers, and numerous other technology topics.


“You might think that corporate perks and policies can help improve the performance of your employees, but the greatest impact on employee performance stems from engagement. Even if you offer a flexible schedule, unlimited vacation time and free snacks in the breakroom, if your employees aren't engaged, those perks won't actually do much to motivate them. Engagement at work is the biggest predictor for employee success, and engaged workers statistically perform better across the board, according to Gallup's data.”


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