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5 Things Top Dealers Do Differently - Internal Communication

  • 5 Things Top Dealers Do Differently - Internal Communication

You already know that internal communication is important to the success of your business – it effects employee satisfaction (engagement), productivity and ultimately your profit.


  • How do you ensure that you have effective communication in your dealership?
  • How do you communicate your dealership’s successes, as well as your challenges?
  • How do you communicate your goals and dealership mission?
  • How do you know everyone is getting the same message? 
  • How do you engage your employees every day so they understand and connect with your dealership as well as to your customers?


Your communication matters to the success of your dealership. Your employees are listening. What message are you sending them?

We’ve got some tips to share with you that will help you create better results for your bottom line. Enjoy the article excerpt below to get started.


5 Things Top Dealers Do Differently

F&I and Showroom -  March 2016 feature, by Tom MCQueen

Expert lists five prime directives for dealers who want to take their production, company culture and customer service to the next level.


"Information Is King - No one does a bad job because they have too much information. Unfortunately, the reality is that the information highway in most dealerships is a one-way street with many potholes.


Dealers with a sustainable competitive advantage clearly discern that communication is to an organization what blood is to the body. Information is the lifeblood of a dealership and sharing it at every opportunity breathes energy into the business.


At the Proctor dealership group in Tallahassee, Fla., information-sharing has taken on a whole new look. Executive Director of Operations Pamela Grimes and her leadership team collaborated with Mankato, Minn.-based PDP Auto, a division of PDP Solutions, to adopt a communication platform that allows employees at three separate locations to access important dealership information with a click of their mouse or with a swipe of their handheld device or strategically placed kiosk.


“With the speed of business today, delivering key information to employees in a timely manner is critical for keeping them in touch with and supportive of our business goals,” Grimes notes.


Gone are the days when workplace updates were typed into a monthly employee newsletter and stuffed in an envelope with their paychecks. You can keep staff members apprised of goals, customer satisfaction information and store news on a daily basis."

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